Commercial Refurbishments
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  1. Build and Interiors
    A comfortable environment will improve the efficiency and morale of your workforce.
    We can supply and install everything you need to create a new office, reception or general working environment. This includes ceilings, partitioning, glazing, doors, flooring and decoration works. Whether you require a basic partition or a double glazed system with integrated blinds, we will survey, supply and install whatever requirement. We are also able to carry out alterations to your existing buildings. This can be in the form of new openings and entrances, or any other type of alteration.
  2. Plumbing and Mechanical
    A reliable and effective water and waste service will ensure your business can continue to flow.
    Our mechanical engineers are able to assess your current installations and service them to ensure that they continue to operate and perform effectively and efficiently. From a full WC refurbishment to simply changing a tap, we are always more than willing to help.
  3. Electrical Installations
    Powering your business to go further.
    Our electricians provide everything from lighting installations to full electrical installations. We offer fixed wire testing along with PAT services to compliment our services. If you need an electrician to carry out a fixed wire test, or to carry out a portable appliance test (PAT), our team of electrical partners are trained and certified to provide these services.
  4. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
    Fresh air to warm and and cool your work space.
    We work with a handful of trusted partners to provide our clients with the most effective products they require. An air conditioning system needs to match the environment in which it is working in. We will survey and specify how to best suit your work space in order to achieve a comfortable atmosphere.
A suspended ceiling system is the most practical and therefore most common type of ceiling system in commercial properties. It allows easy and convenient access to hidden services, whilst providing high levels of sound absorbtion and thermal insuation. 
There are many various types of partitioning systems you can choose from. We can provide you with solid partitions to fully glazed systems, or even a combination of the two. 
From carpet tiles to vinyl flooring, we can help you decide on what would be most suitable for your work space. There is a vast array of colours, styles and forms to choose from to create a unique and personalised look. 
Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference to the feel of your work space. We are able to provide a quick and efficient service using our skilled tradesmen to ensure a brilliant finish. Most of our clients like the fact that we can carry out the works out of hours, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. 
Doors can come in many variations, whether fire rated, with vision panels, paint grade or laminate finish, we can supply and install them all. 
Are you not sure how much furniture you can fit in your works space?  We can survey your areas to provide CAD layouts, allowing us to show you the best options to suit your goals. We partner Walters Office Interiors to provide high quality products. 
Building Alterations
Line Marking
Civil Works
Do you need a new personnel door, or even a roller shutter door? Or do you need any type of alteration to the structure of your premises.  We can survey and produce CAD plans to allow you to make the most informed decisions. Then once you are happy we would carry out the works from start to finish., providing a single point of contact for ease.
Line markings can be the first impression when visiting your premises. Tired and worn out lines can add to an old and aged look. Our line marking services will freshen up your exterior, and improve how traffic is organised.  We can also carry out these works internally for industrial areas and processes. 
We can carry out repairs to carparks and pathways. Or if you need replacement drain covers and alterations. Our experienced civil works partners would provide a reliable result  to help form the foundations you need. 
WC Refurbishments
Mechanical Engineering
From replcaing a single tap to designing and installing a fully refurbishned WC installation, we are able to provide the single or complete solution. 
Our engineers are fully trained and certified to carry out services and installations to your mechanical services. From plumbing and heating. waste drainage and compressed air, to full gas service and maintenance. If you have a water leak, need additional water pressure or a little extra hot water then we can help you out. 
Our mechnical engineers are also qualified to alter and install pneumatic systems  for your manufacturing needs. If you would like us to quote  for you then please contact us. 
Portable Appliance Testing
Floor boxes
Lighting can play a significant role on how your workforce performs. If it is too bright or dark, or even if the colour is not appropriate, the effect may potentially be negative  on how your employees perform over the long term period.  Full lighting designs and proposals are available on request. 
Safety is paramount, especially when using electrical equipment. Our electricians would test your appliances to ensure that they are safe to use. We will then provide hard copy certifications to document that they have been tested and meet safety standards. 
A large open plan office or work space often means that wall sockets are not the most practical, or even the safest methods for power sources. Floor boxes will allow you to access power and data conveniently, whilst significantly minimising the amount of loose wires laying around.  
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